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Baby yoga teacher training

The birthlight Baby Yoga training consists of Baby yoga level 1 and Baby yoga level 2 courses complemented by three short courses: Nurturing baby massage, Toddler yoga and Special baby yoga. All these courses together are registered under the label ‘Birthlight Baby Yoga’.

Infant massage and moves with babies are still transmitted through generations in many parts of the world. The practices pioneered by birthlight were inspired by Amazonian parents and by the tradition of infant massage in India, which have been amalgamated and adapted to suit the needs of Western parents. The courses impart simple practices accessible to all parents and babies. The focus is on wellbeing and on the mutual enjoyment of babies and their parents from birth to the third year, including special babies. We use touch, movement and sound / voice and rhythms interactively. Baby Yoga imparts principles of nonviolence, quiet observation and self-awareness, respect, acceptance and compassion, which are qualities needed in early parenting years. For mothers who have started with infant massage, birthlight Baby Yoga is a perfect companion to massage.

We highlight the fact that yoga is not done TO babies but WITH babies: we care for parent and child together and support positive interaction, primarily between mother and baby but also between father and baby and sometimes with grandmothers and other familiar carers authorized by parents. We harmonize relationships at all stages through relaxation, awareness of breathing, acknowledgement of emotions and positive responses to stress. Baby yoga and massage are not only beneficial for babies, but are but also enjoyable for the adults involved, particularly for new mothers.

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