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Birth preparation short course

This course combines professional training with an experiential journey that helps all participants to gain a deeper understanding of the miracle of giving birth. The course is packed with practices that promote seamless continuity from the yoga mat to the birthing environment either in hospital, in birthing units or at home.

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Course outline

This course will enable you to offer enlightening, fun and informal workshops for pregnant women and their partners. Information is given on what to expect and how a partner can support a woman through labour and birth.  We explore ways in which you as a teacher can enhance the experience of birth with information, discussion and physical movement. Rhythm, positioning, breathing and relaxation will influence the journey and outcome of labour, benefiting both mother and baby. We help birth partners to be informed and confident to be fully involved. Specific techniques are taught to help everyone enjoy a positive birth experience.

The course includes:

  • The signs and stages of labour
  • Specific breathing techniques
  • Massage and partner support
  • Understanding the birth journey
  • The hormones of love and birth
  • Creating more space in the pelvis
  • Practice of positions and movement
  • The perception of pain and natural pain relief
  • Planning your workshops

Who is this course for?

This course is open to birthlight trained Perinatal Yoga teachers,Yoga for Maternity Professionals teachers and Aquanatal Yoga teachers, counting as CPD for all of these. The Birth Preparation course is also open to yoga teachers who have trained in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth with recognised training providers, to certified childbirth educators, doulas and maternity professionals interested in the birthlight approach.

How is this course assessed?

This course is tutor assessed by means of a simple practical in which students teach a specific subject or practice learnt during the course to the group.

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion, participants obtain a Certificate of Training in Birth Preparation that qualifies them to offer birth preparation workshops and birth rehearsals to pregnant women and couples.

The course is a development course only. To gain a Certified Birthlight Teacher qualification to teach perinatal yoga, you would need to complete the Perinatal Yoga Diploma.

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