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Birthing lightly study day / cpd

Birthing Lightly Study DayThis is a day dedicated to understanding that women and babies are designed to inter-relate. Giving birth is a mind / body process, therefore looking at the environment, and understanding the female anatomy to birth naturally, is important.

Birthing Lightly looks at Yoga, Breathing with Movement, Relaxation and Massage. The day is designed looking at the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy.

Who is the course for?

The day is a chance for those trained Birthlight Yoga / Midwives / Childbirth Educators / Doulas to share their knowledge, and deepen their skill base.

Midwife Wendy Gadsden shares her experiences of using Birthlight yoga in NHS practice and makes a case for a move away from cascades of intervention in pregnancy and birth

Course structure

First Trimester

  • Postural Awareness, physical preparation for pregnancy and birth
  • Anatomy and muscles involved with childbirth revisited using yoga poses
  • How physical and psychological energies work together

Second Trimester

  • Pelvis
  • Position. How to rotate an OP to an anterior position ante-natally and in labour

Third Trimester

  • The relationship between the uvular, thoracic and pelvic diaphragms
  • Breathing and Movement for labour
  • Tools for transition
  • Breathing for labour and birth

By the end of the Birthing Lightly seminar the attendee will be able to:

  • Acknowledge the importance of the Birthing environment
  • Understand the power of breathing
  • Be aware of the use of the Abdominal and pelvic muscles
  • Demonstrate techniques to change a posterior position to anterior
  • Demonstrate the use of birthing props in labour
  • Discuss the advantages of leaning forward
  • Teach women about the importance of breathing with movement.

Participants receive a Certificate of Training that may count as CPD in their profession.

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