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birthlight tutor - Kirsteen Ruffell

Birthlight Training Co-ordinator (Land Tutors)

Perinatal Yoga Tutor WellWoman Yoga Tutor



Kirsteen first met Françoise in 2001 and was deeply impressed by the way Françoise skillfully worked with pregnant women, couples, with babies and toddlers. It was a heart-opening experience and she decided this was an area she wanted to study in depth. Kirsteen then trained with Françoise in Perinatal Yoga and began teaching groups and 1-to-1 classes in 2002. She soon went on to gain the Birthlight Baby Yoga Diploma, as the joy of working with Mums and babies after birth was also irresistible. Later, her own pregnancy, the birth of her daughter and herself as a mother were greatly supported by the Birthlight techniques and practices she had been teaching and she was able to have a home birth at 43 weeks and a day!  Personally, she feels the Birthlight Yoga practices are gentle and enjoyable, yet work profoundly and the philosophy and approach are applicable to all women everywhere . "This way of practising Yoga made me and my baby feel much more comfortable on many levels, especially in late pregnancy and helped us cope with the intensity of labour confidently."

Kirsteen has been constantly inspired by this work over the years, not least during her opportunities to shadow and assist Françoise on the Birthlight Perinatal courses before becoming a tutor herself. She continues to refine her practice and understanding and enjoys keeping her training up to date with the regular CPDs and the Birthlight conferences. Her own Yoga practice began by chance in 1990 and she has been enjoying it ever since. Apart from Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Baby Yoga with Birthlight, she also has a background of training in Hatha (Sivananda) & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (TT with John Scott) and has been teaching Yoga since 1998. She finds it a great joy that Yoga can bring such benefit during pregnancy, birth and beyond, not just to Mum and baby but also to partners, siblings and all the family.

WellWoman Yoga TutorKirsteen is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.