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Birthlight tutor - Luz Dary Schilt

Luz Dary Schilt has been practising yoga for more then 10 years and qualified in the USA with YogaFit. After teaching in the USA, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she finished her pre/post-natal training with birthlight in 2008, she has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga classes ever since. Truly enjoying the teachings of Birthlight, Luz became a tutor, while being in China and trained under the skilful eye of Jane Collins. Luz Dary also trained with the KYM, one of the five best schools in India, bringing yoga philosophy, holistic approach to yoga and therapy together.

Her love for yoga started when she had to deal with health issues after a minor car crash. As the yoga classes that shefollowed had a gentle and holistic approach to yoga and well being, she was able to enjoy the therapeutic side of yoga from an early age. Seeing and experiences the benefits of yoga, shewanted to learn more and share this knowledge to others. When she moved to the USA, she started her 200 hours YTT with Yogafit and did an antenatal course as well. However, she felt something was still missing at that time, she felt that the focus of the prenatal course was more on health and not so much on nurturing the mother. Now, throughout the years she has come to understand that health cannot be achieved without nurturing the mother or the individual. Also after her first birth that ended up in an emergency caesarean, she knew immediately that this was an opportunity for her to learn how to bring health and nurturing together. After a long search and a move to the UK, she found the two organisations that she still holds dear till today in my heart. She found Birthlight, which helped her to find the wisdom to birth two more beautiful babies, one at the hospital and one at home.

Birthlight’s approach is gentle, yet effective and very much nourishing the mother and nurturing the bond between mother and baby. Birthlight had all the qualities that she was seeking as mother, to support and to guide us into motherhood. With these two qualities in mind, she was determined to share their love for motherhood and trained with Birthlight to become a prenatal and postnatal teacher. She has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga classes ever since her completion in 2008. Then she moved to China in 2011, where she taught Birthlight classes to Chinese women and expats. Luckily the opportunity came to become a tutor while being in China and trained under the skilful eye of Jane Collins.

The second organisation she feels connected to is the KYM, one of the five best schools in India for yoga therapy. The KYM has a holistic approach to the individual, taking in account the philosophy of yoga, especially the yoga sutras of Patanjali. This organisation also has the two qualities of Birthlight, to support and to guide, in this case, the individual.  She completed her three-year certification with the KYM in 2016. While working on her 500+ hours certification at the KYM, traveling to India, training to become a tutor at Birthlight and taking care of my three beauties, she has come to learn that nurturing mothers need a support system, and she is happy to be part of the Birthlight family as they provide the wisdom, the nourishment and the well founded knowledge to guide women into motherhood.