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Birthlight tutor - Shawn Tomlinson

Aqua Baby TutorAqua Yoga TutorAmanda Gawthrope

Shawn has now retired as a birthlight tutor.

Shawn began her journey to train as a conventional swimming teacher in 1999 after spending many years as a canoe instructor and life guard. During her training, she became aware of an innermost feeling that there had to be more to swimming than what she was being taught in the conventional classroom.

This awareness ran deep, as she had grown up as a water baby in Brazil, where oneness with the water had only brought great delight. As a mother of many children, all of whom loved to dip and dive and spend countless hours submerged, playing underwater games, she realised that this love for the aquatic environment could be passed on and taught to others.

“It was during this time, of great searching, that I came across the beautiful work of Françoise Freedman and Birthlight, I couldn't wait to book on her course. I can say with all my heart that I was not disappointed. Over the years I have been able to see so many parents, grow in confidence and enjoy their water journeys with their families. Françoise, Sally and Amanda introduced me to the total delight of being a Birthlight teacher.”

From there it was another step and hours of studying to become a Birthlight Tutor, and since then, she began tutoring for Birthlight in the UK and abroad.

Shawn is a regular speaker at worldwide aquatic conferences, her work as a Neuro developmental delay therapist has enabled her to gain much experience and understanding on the effects of trauma on the emerging brain.

She has made it one of her priorities to help aquatic teachers to understand the importance of elective, child led submersions and to that effect, travels the world fulfilling speaking engagements.

Shawn is a INPP trained Neuro developmental delay therapist,  ASA teacher for swimming for people with disabilities, ASA and STA parent and child swimming teacher
, Shaw Method swimming teacher, Birthlight Baby Yoga and Massage teacher, AquaNatal yoga teacher and 
Ai Chi Instructor..

Shawn is the founder of Living Water Swim School, mama to 6 and lives in Norfolk.