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Combined baby massage and baby yoga

Upcoming courses

27-30 June 2020 Bristol, UK More info & booking>

Number of days: 4 days (28 contact hours)

+ Non-contact hours for completing the pre and post course study

Brief course description

This is our new 4-day intensive integrated training, blending Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Interactive Yoga with babies for parents/carers.

The course and the supporting resources will enable you to create a professional range of enjoyable sessions of nurturing baby massage and baby yoga for babies from 6 weeks to pre-mobile which can be adapted to suit your families’ and groups’ needs or individual pairs.

As with all Birthlight courses we integrate theory with practice. In line with the ever growing scientific research and evidence on how we develop as babies physically, mentally and emotionally our core Birthlight practices have been developed, honed, tried and tested over the last three decades. They create powerful connections between mother/parent/carer and baby thereby allowing deep-rooted evolutionary mechanisms to surface and function. Benefits are subtly embedded in every technique for optimising babies’ neurophysiological and psychobiological

development. Simply put, as babies and parents are supported in their development and understanding through attending these sessions their connection, physical and emotional balance and well-being can flourish.

Course outline

The course presents:

  • Practical and simple techniques to support early, essential attachment and bonding.
  • Nurturing baby massage either 'dry' (over clothes) or with oil
  • Birthlight baby yoga for babies up to crawling- giving parents confidence in their handling of their baby, giving babies enjoyment of their growing abilities. This includes holds, ways to pick up and put baby down with ease, stretches, movements, lifts, slides, rolls and swings and a lot of fun and relaxation together.
  • Our integrated techniques that are mutually beneficial for parents and babies  
  • An understanding of how the Birthlight spirals of joy expand to encompass self-confidence, the foundations of wellbeing, and the enjoyment of life.
  • Simple practices for parents and carers to reduce stress and tension and help them enter a receptive space in which to better understand their baby's needs and foster joyful communication.
  • Classic yoga-based techniques including breathing and sound practices, body awareness with flowing stress-release movements, yoga relaxation and mudras (hand gestures) to foster mindful awareness.
  • Yoga based moves and practices that are appropriate for postnatal women.
  • Practices that are readily adaptable for babies in special situations such as those in care, entering into adopted families or those sustaining long periods in hospital.


The course is open to:

  • Health professionals (nursery nurses, health visitors, family support workers) with a related interest
  • Childrens’ Centre Staff (child development practitioners, family support workers, outreach workers)
  • Yoga teachers with an interest in babies
  • Mothers looking for a new direction in life’s journey, through the Mother’s Route to Training, conditional to completing the anatomy and physiology of infants module before attending the course.

Nurturing Baby Massage

One of Birthlight’s earliest friends, Frederick Leboyer, introduced Baby Massage to the world and our Birthlight Nurturing Baby Massage remains sympathetic to his original Loving Hands approach with our pioneering flowing practices.

  • Full baby massage programme for creating dedicated classes
  • Baby massage strokes with oil or ‘dry’ massage over clothing
  • Birthlight Baby Mini-moves
  • Simple yet effective techniques to support early, essential attachment and bonding
  • Integrated colic-easing routine
  • Infant cognitive and emotional development including states and cues
  • Readily adaptable practices for babies in special situations such as those in care, entering into adopted families, or those staying long periods in hospital

Baby Yoga

As the pioneers of Baby Yoga, many of the now mainstream moves that Birthlight originally created will shape the practice.

  • Full programme for creating a dedicated Baby Yoga classes
  • Birthlight Baby Yoga moves suitable for pre-mobile babies
  • Techniques to give babies enjoyment of their developing abilities
  • Infant anatomical and physiological development
  • Comforting holds and walks
  • Joint parent-baby relaxation with mindful appreciation

Interactive Yoga

We draw on the essence of Yoga for techniques mutually beneficial to and engaging for the parent and baby pair.

  • Skills and knowledge to deliver harmonious Nurturing Baby Massage and Yoga classes.
  • How to lift, hold and carry baby confidently through each development stage
  • Yoga-based stretch and toning practices
  • Simple stress and tension reducing practices to help enter a space receptive to better understanding baby’s needs and fostering joyful communication
  • Classic yoga-based breathing practices, hasta mudras (hand gestures) and sonic massage sound practices to foster mindful awareness
  • An overview of postnatal mother emotionally, physically and mentally with practical supportive techniques for common postnatal ailments


Anatomy and Physiology manual and Birthlight Guide, sent as pdf

Studying materials

  • A very comprehensive manual given at the start of the course
  • Baby Massage Handbook
  • Baby Yoga Moves Booklet
  • Example lesson plans
  • Resources available via the birthlight training resources website

Coursework requirements + hours of home study

This course is tutor assessed with a practical and a theory assessment during the course. Coursework consists of one case study (minimum of 4 sessions), one class observation and one mentor feedback. It should be submitted within six months following the course.

The aim is to develop your teaching skills and gain confidence for the best delivery of your classes.

Ongoing birthlight support

After the course, students will get support from their tutor and comrades via online groups and will have access to a dedicated members training website (learning resources, business and marketing resources, videos, latest researches).

On successful completion of the training, teachers will be able to list their classes on the birthlight website

How is this course assessed?

This course is assessed during the training by means of practical assessments with a doll and written work-sheet assessments. The qualification is conditional to satisfactory completion of case-study based coursework.


On successful completion of coursework, candidates gain a Birthlight Certificate in Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Level 1 which qualifies them to teach baby massage and baby yoga (6 weeks old to pre-mobile babies), moves for the parent/carer and nurturing practices to parent/carer-baby pairs or groups.

Students can further their development by progressing to the Baby Yoga Level 2 which will consolidate their knowledge and skills and allow them to extend their practice to include mobile babies to 18 months.



Course attendance requirement

It is extremely important to attend the whole of the course, anyone missing more than 2 hours will have to reattend the course; anyone missing up to 2 hours will have to arrange a catch-up meeting with the tutor (meeting, Skype or phone). An extra fee will be charged to the student.


UK Prices (2020)

Nurturing Baby Massage and Yoga     
4 days         


Early Bird

Birthlight Members £560 £610
Non Members £595 £645

Upcoming courses

27-30 June 2020
Bristol School of Yoga, UK
Tutor: Marion O'Connor

More info & booking>


“Birthlight sides with Nurture as the embodied loving care that infants need to thrive. Moreover, infants are pro-active in eliciting this loving care. The better we understand and respond to their cues, the more rewarding, mutually nurturing and neuron firing our exchanges with them are.”

Françoise Freedman