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Nurturing baby massage

Most new mothers have not had the experience of caring for a newborn until they have their own. Birthlight has designed a special kit to equip new mothers with skills to respond to their new babies in positive and enjoyable ways. Very simple instructions to adapt posture and ways of holding babies can make all the difference. Birthlight offers well-tried practices that help mothers to nurture themselves and their newborns over what can be the most wonderful time they have together. Whether pregnancy has been easy or not, the early weeks and months create a foundation that has far reaching benefits for parents and children later in life. For this reason, birthlight has given special attention to very early nurturing practices.

The gentle exercises taught to the parents and babies, often include little rhymes and songs. Group classes bring parents of newborns together in a safe and friendly environment, encouraging parents to share their feelings, emotions and experiences without judgement or criticism.  Parents are taught how to understand and recognise their baby’s needs and desires by simply playing with and observing their individual baby.  The classes are relaxed and fun. Parents gain confidence in their parenting skills as they help, and support each other. Providing a contrast to the busy and demanding life as a new parent, Birthlight baby nurture classes provide a relaxed environment where support is given by just being there.
Françoise Freedman the founder of birthlight has been greatly influenced by the nurturing rituals that new mothers and also new fathers experience in the Amazon rainforest. In parts of the world where postnatal traditions are still respected, there is also a need to adapt them to a modern lifestyle. 

Birthlight practices for nurturing baby massage include:

  • Relaxed holds
  • Active bonding through infant feeding
  • Baby massage (clothed massage, dry massage, full body massage, therapeutic touch)
  • Positive holds (for crying babies or babies who do not sleep)
  • Emotional awareness and positive use of voice in mother baby talk
  • Napping techniques to compensate for mother’s lack of sleep
  • Access to deep rest to overcome fatigue
  • Walking relaxation steps with baby

Benefits for parents:

  • Gain confidence working with their newborn
  • Aids postnatal recovery
  • Toning and strengthening body and mind
  • Encourages positive parent / baby interaction
  • Social interaction with other parents and babies.

Benefits for babies:

  • Aids digestion
  • Helps to calm and relax
  • Encourages secure attachment
  • Says "I LOVE YOU"


Baby yoga classes are a great follow-on from nurturing baby massage classes.

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