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Postnatal yoga short course (2 days) / cpd

This 2-day short course imparts understanding of postnatal recovery and a  progressive set of yoga practices from birth to rejoining general yoga classes. The Postnatal Yoga course is recommended to qualified yoga teachers, who wish to offer postnatal yoga classes to new mothers. The course includes some interactive practices with babies but the main focus is on the use of yoga to promote maternal well-being. This course is ideally complemented by ‘Nurturing Baby Massage’ (0-4 months).

Who is the course for?

The course is open to:

  • Qualified yoga teachers, who wish to offer postnatal yoga classes to new mothers
  • Baby Yoga teachers
  • Baby massage teachers
  • Maternity and baby health professionals

A teaching qualification in yoga is recommended but not mandatory.

Course outline

The course equips participants with selected progressive yoga practices to help women to return safely and efficiently to fitness after childbirth. Practices are suited to individual abilities as well as to personal experiences of birth and early mothering. Birthlight has pioneered postnatal yoga training since the 1990s with a special expertise in this area. Birthlight postnatal yoga ideally complements maternity care. The yoga taught on this course ranges from gentle and restorative practices to dynamic flow sequences and can benefit women new to yoga as well as advanced yoga practitioners.

Birthlight postnatal micro-movements act upon the neuroendocrine system, helping new mothers to integrate their transition to motherhood. It also includes simple therapeutic practices to alleviate common ailments that do not warrant medical treatment yet compromise day-to-day quality of life for many mothers. The course includes some interactive practices with babies but the main focus is on the mothers’ wellbeing.

The special features of the birthlight Postnatal yoga course are as follows:

  • Birthlight offers an original set of practices of deep pelvic floor toning and ‘core strength’ micro-movements that are effective at any point from  birth onwards
  • All practices are suitable for mothers after Caesarean births
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga are brought together to ensure a solid foundation for wellbeing as a new mother
  • The course imparts an understanding of how Asanas can be adapted progressively to ensure optimal spinal alignment through the postnatal year, from supine, raised sitting, all fours and prone positions, to classic sitting, kneeling and standing postures
  • The course includes ‘off the mat’ yoga practices that new mothers can use in their daily lives while caring for their babies.
  • The course imparts unique birthlight adaptations of classic yoga practices as flow sequences, dynamic or relaxing walks and interactive fun stretches involving babies.

How is this course assessed?

This course is tutor assessed by means of a simple practical and some home study. Coursework consists of a worksheet and a case study (minimum of 4 sessions). It should be submitted within six months following the course.

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion of the practical assessment and the coursework, students obtain a Certificate of Training in Postnatal Yoga. Qualified yoga teachers who complete this course successfully are then qualified to teach postnatal yoga classes for new mothers with or without their babies, from birth onwards.

Perinatal Yoga Diploma holders gain the status of Birthlight Practitioners in Perinatal Yoga after completing the Postnatal short course.

Certified Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals Teachers Level 2 gain the status of Birthlight Practioner in Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals after completing the Postnatal short course.

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