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Postnatal yoga short course

Provide women with yoga practices especially tailored to the needs of the postnatal body to recover after pregnancy and birth and regain postural and hormonal balance.

Learn to teach safe and effective practices to individual women after birth on a one-to-one basis and within supportive group class settings.

Birthlight has been a pioneer course provider in Yoga for Pregnancy Birth and the postnatal period in the UK and worldwide since the 1990s.

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Number of days: 2 days

Brief course description

On this course you will learn to instruct a range of holistic progressive postnatal yoga practices from the early postpartum (the first days after birth) through the postnatal year. These practices have been developed over several decades of teaching and observation and are equally accessible and appropriate to women new to yoga and those with an established personal yoga practice.

Teachers may use this course to go on to teach postnatal yoga classes in a range of settings including home visits, dedicated postnatal classes with or without babies present through the postnatal year, or integrated with baby massage or baby yoga classes. This course provides an ideal development for teachers who already give prenatal classes to follow on with specialised yoga after birth.

Practices are taught within the context of postnatal anatomy and physiology and with respect for each woman’s individual experience of pregnancy, birth and her recovery journey.

Birthlight practices acknowledge the fact that a good postnatal recovery, whatever the birth experience, contributes significantly to each mother’s long term health and well-being and to her ability to bond deeply with her baby over time.

Birthlight postnatal yoga ideally complements maternity care.


The course is open to:

  • Qualified yoga teachers
  • Baby Yoga teachers
  • Baby massage teachers
  • Maternity and baby health professionals

A teaching qualification in yoga is recommended but not mandatory.

Course outline

  • Students will learn a holistic approach to creating deep pelvic floor tone, core strength, pelvic stability, and spinal alignment through Birthlight’s original micromovement practices
  • All practices are progressive meaning that each woman’s needs are acknowledged and accounted for, allowing women after caesarean births and those with pelvic floor damage to be included
  • Physical, emotional, hormonal and spiritual aspects of yoga are brought together to ensure a solid foundation for wellbeing as a new mother
  • Students will learn how Asanas can be adapted progressively so each each woman can recover at her pace through the postnatal year, from supine, raised sitting, all fours and prone positions, to classic sitting, kneeling and standing postures
  • The course includes ‘off the mat’ yoga practices that new mothers can use in their daily lives while caring for their babies
  • The course includes some fun interactive practices with babies but the main focus is on the mothers’ wellbeing
  • It also includes simple therapeutic practices to alleviate common ailments that do not warrant medical treatment yet compromise day-to-day quality of life for many mothers
  • The yoga taught on this course ranges from gentle and restorative practices to dynamic flow sequences and can benefit women new to yoga as well as advanced yoga practitioners.


Students will be sent some pre-course reading and thinking when they enrol.

Studying materials

  • A very comprehensive manual given at the start of the course
  • Resources available via the birthlight training resources website

Coursework requirements + hours of home study

There is a practical teaching assessment on day 2 and home study.

During the home study that follows the course, coursework consists of a worksheet including 20 questions, one case study with either 1 group or one-to-one over a minimum of 3 sessions, a minimum of one observation of another postnatal class when possible and a book/DVD review. It should be submitted within six months following the course in order to receive the full certificate.

On-going birthlight support

After the first part of the course, students will get support from their tutor and fellow students via online groups and will have access to a dedicated members training website (learning resources, business and marketing resources, film clips, latest research.)

On successful completion of the training, teachers will be able to list their classes on the birthlight website.


The Postnatal certification is awarded after assessment of coursework.


Successful completion of Part 1 and 2 Perinatal Yoga plus Postnatal Yoga together create a comprehensive training of 8 days intensive, in 4+2+2 days plus coursework that satisfy the requirements to register as a Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) Prenatal teacher.

Course attendance requirement

Students must attend the courses in full in order to get the qualification. If a student misses more than 2 hours of the course, then the certification cannot be granted and arrangements will need to be discussed and agreed in order to complete.


Prices may vary depending on the country and venues. 

Further training pathways

Birthlight offers a range of trainings that can provide a continuity of care from Fertility to Toddler on land and in water, there are many other courses that may suit your professional development and business plan:

We strongly encourage continuous professional development and have a wide range of 1-day course (such as Diastasis Recti CPD, Yoga to Support Breastfeeding CPD)

"Informative, well-paced, supportive"

"Recommended to yoga teachers, Doulas, any Health Professionals working with new mums"

"Nurturing, thought-provoking, Informative; this course is for any yoga teacher! Essential learning for teachers providing public classes to understand the postnatal body and any challenges and adjustments"  London, July 2017

List of benefits for your clients when teaching a Birthlight class

  • Take time to nourish yourself after birth and through early motherhood
  • Regain core strength and tone pelvic floor muscles
  • Learn to relax with your baby
  • You can bring your baby whilst doing something for you! Babies are included with interactive practices and not ignored. But the main focus is on practices for mums
  • Creates a new foundation to better fitness after childbirth
  • Gain confidence in handling and holding your baby
  • Learn simple practices you can do at home to relieve common postnatal complaints like sore shoulders and lower back pain
  • Provides a safe progressive transition to classic yoga through the postnatal year
  • Meet, connect and practice with other mums in a supportive friendly group


Be prepared for the course by:

  • Completing the Pre-reading and thinking
  • If you haven’t been pregnant yourself before it is a good idea to start reading around the topic and talk to family and friends about their experience of the postnatal year
  • Attending yoga classes if you are not a qualified yoga teacher
  • Planning the case studies by looking for a venue and a group of postnatal women. Arranging the class observations (check the list of qualified teachers near you on our website)


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