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Well Woman aqua yoga diploma

Birthlight Well Woman Aqua Yoga draws on the unique properties of water as an ideal medium to refresh, energize and heal ourselves. Since ancient times, immersing ourselves in water in natural sites, public baths and home baths has been a favorite human activity. In our globally urbanized world, Aqua Yoga offers an aquatic form adapted to our needs. Short sessions that can be enjoyed alone or in groups impart freedom of movement, relaxation from everyday pressures, toning practices that energize and calm our bodies and minds together, practices accessible to all irrespective of fitness or age.  

Following the development of Aquanatal Yoga to address the needs of pregnant women and new mothers, Birthlight Well Woman Yoga extends the therapeutic applications of Aqua Yoga to women in all phases of their lives. A growing body of scientific research confirms the benefits of yoga, even as taught in many different schools, to promote a balanced and strong neuro-endocrine system. For women, managing transitions through the life-cycle with a healthy balance is of central importance, from fertility quest to maternity and the menopause. Water adds ease of practice and effectiveness to yoga on land, simultaneously allowing greater protection, resistance and freedom in a gravity-free environment. Certainly men can benefit equally from Aqua Yoga but the Birthlight program is based on the distinctive anatomy and physiology of female bodies and women’s reproductive health through life: the Birthlight Well Woman Aqua Yoga training course confers this knowledge.

Fitness exercise in water is mostly done standing in shallow pools. Birthlight Aqua Yoga differs from this model in its original development of floating yoga postures, dynamic aqua-yoga walks and uses of pool floor and pool walls. All practices can be adapted for non-swimmers or those with a limited range of motion by using buoyancy aids in specific ways according to individual needs. The priority given to the expansion of the breath and to relaxed stretching in fluid moves is the foundation of Birthlight Aqua Yoga as a therapeutic practice.

Moving gracefully with good body balance, breathing freely and living free of tension and anxiety are fundamental aspects of wellbeing.  During times of stress and when we are afflicted by ailments both physical and mental, therapeutic aqua yoga sequences facilitate access to holistic recovery. They can be used in conjunction with medical treatments as palliative or supportive aids but mostly Aqua Yoga combined with adapted swimming can become a main aspect of healthy urban living-style.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to:

  • Aquanatal Yoga teachers
  • Aqua Therapists and Yoga Teachers with a qualification in Yoga Therapy and with an affinity to water
  • Yoga teachers who are confident swimmers
  • Health professionals using water skills including Watsu practitioners
  • Other therapists working in the areas of women’s health but who do not hold a yoga qualification can apply individually.

Applicants should be able to swim 25 metres comfortably without the use of swimming aids, be confident in submerging themselves and comfortable in deep water. Students must participate in the pool for all water sessions. A CPR qualification is also highly recommended. Life Saving skills are required for those planning to work in pools without a lifeguard on poolside.

Course outline

Part 1 (4 days)

  • Properties of water explained in relation to human bodies moving and floating in water
  • Anatomy and physiology of the female body through the life-cycle in relation to yoga for women’s health
  • Benefits of yoga and water combined: a review of research findings
  • Spinal alignment in water: complementary benefits from different positions for practice (standing against or facing pool wall, free standing with/without aids, supported reclining, supported floating supine/prone), diving
  • 10 main yoga postures (Asanas) and their adaptations to water (standing, supported, floating -prone/supine- and swimming/walking variations)
  • Breathing in Aqua Yoga: translations of yoga breathing practices (Pranayama) in water
  • Floating relaxation
  • Sequences designed for common ailments experienced by women through the life cycle: lower back pain, pelvic instability, weak core muscles, chronic fatigue, anxiety
  • Models of sequences for enhancing fertility and coping with menopause symptoms

Part 2 (2 days)

  • Sequences designed for pathologies frequently affecting women: reproductive disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic anxiety-depression
  • Models of sequences for enhancing fertility, healing long-lasting effects of birth experiences, coping with menopause symptoms
  • Aqua Yoga for recovery of surgical operations: breast cancer, hysterectomy
  • Sequences to deepen relaxation and gain calmness and inner harmony.

How is this course assessed?

This course is assessed by means of a practical on the course followed by coursework consisting of two case studies (group OR one to one), a worksheet, a DVD/Book review and a home-study report.

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion of the Part 1 and Part 2 courses, students gain the Birthlight Diploma in Well Woman Aqua Yoga that entitles them to offer Well Woman Aqua Yoga classes or one-to-one sessions. The Diploma in Well Woman Aqua Yoga is awarded on the basis of both the student’s portfolio of coursework and a final practical on the Part 2 course.

The Diploma is the full qualification recognised for professional purposes.

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