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Yoga for breast cancer recovery

Little support is offered to women diagnosed with breast cancer outside mainstream care. Diagnosis often results in a state of shock that is detrimental to a positive approach to treatment, which ever pathway is selected. Many women recover after treatment, whether through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery or all three combined. The process can be considerably eased with yoga, using all the spokes of the Yoga Wheel together to maximise physical, psychological and mental benefits of practice.

In alignment with physiotherapy and counselling perspectives a special selection of body-based yoga practices has been developed to support women affected by breast cancer. This Birthlight CPD day designed by Françoise Freedman aims to equip yoga therapists and teachers with a few sequences tested as effective over many years for use before and after treatment. Preparing for and recovering from chemotherapy applications, single or double mastectomy and their anatomical and physiological effects can help considerably with the success of treatment.  Online videos are supplied through QR codes to illustrate practices taught.

Original micro-movements of yoga developed by Birthlight, our connective use of circle teaching and pair-practice as well as our experienced teaching of chair yoga adaptations for women with all levels of fitness make this day unique and easily applicable in yoga classes and breast clinics.

Françoise is a yoga therapist who pioneered Well Woman Yoga as a module for the Yoga Therapy Diploma course created by the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London in the 1990s. After losing several close relatives and friends to breast cancer and watching the lack of support around them, she felt motivated to offer yoga resources for sufferers. After case-studies have shown positive outcomes, practices can be disseminated more widely through this CPD. A clinical trial has been approved to be conducted in a Rome hospital in 2020.

This CPD has a 6 hours credit. A Certificate of Attendance will be given to those attending the full day and providing course feedback.

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