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Yoga for pelvic health short course / cpd

Pelvic tone is a cornerstone of women’s health and wellbeing. This short course combines a detailed exploration of anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis together with yoga-based resources specially developed within the birthlight approach to birth preparation, postnatal recovery and women’s reproductive health.

Who is this short course for?

This short course is open to:

  • Birthlight trained Perinatal Yoga teachers
  • Birthlight Yoga for Maternity teachers
  • Well Woman Yoga teachers
  • Aquanatal Yoga teachers
  • Yoga teachers who have trained in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth with recognised training providers
  • Maternity  professionals, health professionals and therapists working in the area of women’s health including obstetric nurses and obstetric physiotherapists interested in using applications of yoga to expand their skills base and practical knowledge are also welcome on this short course.

The course can count as CPD

Course outline

The short course provides a sound understanding and experiential practice of the rationale for teaching yoga-based pelvic floor exercises different from conventional pelvic floor toning, whether to promote or to repair pelvic floor tone. The short course also supports an integrated approach to pelvic tone (preventing or alleviating Pelvic Girdle Pain) and to pelvic floor toning, using a range of specific micro-movements developed by Françoise Freedman as well as adaptations of classic yoga poses. From a holistic view we also cover energetic aspects associated with the lack or loss of pelvic tone in this study day and yoga-based therapeutic resources are offered to address the psychosomatic dimension of pelvic tone.

In contrast with ‘overtone’ that results from repeated mechanical actions, toning with yoga breathing involves muscle chains and produces elasticity as well as tone. This is important not just for giving birth but, more generally, for pelvic health. The day also includes references to the importance of toning in relation to the first and second chakras and conditions associated with them. Pelvic toning may contribute to healing of women’s past traumas and inherited weaknesses, creating a new foundation for health and wellbeing.

Participants will:

  • Gain an anatomical understanding of muscles and ligaments integrating the pelvis and stabilizing its joints
  • Acquire practical knowledge of yoga-based practices including to promote women’s awareness of pelvic muscles and a more effective used of breathing and alternated release and contraction of muscles to promote elasticity
  • Review the characteristics of PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) in relation to both spinal muscles and pelvic floor tone
  • Receive an integrated range of yoga-based micro-movements to stabilize the pelvis and promote lasting alignment
  • Gain an understanding of various approaches to pelvic floor toning exercises (particularly Kegels) in relation to the birthlight yoga-based pelvic floor practices
  • Become confident in the use of yoga-based resources to help women gain a more holistic view of their pelvic tone beyond mechanical toning exercises.

Visual aids, worksheets and role-play are used to facilitate learning. Students receive a detailed training manual and handouts.

How is this course assessed?

This course is tutor assessed by means of a simple practical in which students teach a specific subject or practice learnt during the course to the group.

What qualification is gained on this course?

Course participants receive a Certificate of Training in Yoga for Pelvic Health that qualifies them to integrate the practices taught on the day in their professional activities.

This short course contributes to CPD for all Birthlight trained teachers and may count as CPD for other professionals attending the course. Those wishing to explore a holistic yoga-based approach to women’s reproductive health in greater depth are directed to the WellWoman Diploma course.

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